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Ге­не­раль­ный ди­рек­тор ООО «ЭЛЬ­СТЕР Газ­элек­тро­ни­ка» при­ни­ма­ет на се­бя всю пол­но­ту от­вет­ствен­но­сти за реа­ли­за­цию по­ли­ти­ки в об­ла­сти ка­че­ства, со­от­вет­ствие СМК тре­бо­ва­ни­ям СТО Газпром 9001-2018, ISO 9001-2015, по­сто­ян­ное по­вы­ше­ние ре­зуль­та­тив­но­сти СМК и обес­пе­че­ние СМК необ­хо­ди­мы­ми ре­сур­са­ми.

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Тел: (499) 959-16-83, (495) 970-16-83 (многоканальные)
125464, Москва, ул. Митинская, д. 12


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Страна: Россия
Почтовый индекс: 607224
Область: Нижегородская
Город: Арзамас
Улица: 50 лет ВЛКСМ
Дом: 8-А
Тел.: (83147) 7-98-00, 7-98-01, 7-98-02, 7-98-03
Факс: (83147) 7-22-41
Отдел маркетинга и сбыта:
Техническая поддержка:
Internet: www.gaselectro.ru

About us

Alexandr Roginskii

ELSTER Gaselectronica LLC — is a leader in Russia in manufacturing of gas-measuring equipment as well as in implementation of automated systems of readout and transmission of data from gas-measuring units (AMR systems) in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Nowadays ELSTER Gaselectronica LLC offers a complete range of gas-measuring products both for fiscal and technological gas consumption measurement. Equipment is produced under licence of «Elster GmbH» (Germany) and the range of products on our portfolio is continuously being expanded.

Foundation of the company in 1996 concurred with enactment of the law «On energy saving», which created incentives for Russian industry to switch to energy saving technologies. By that time the equipment used in gas industry for consumption measurement had become obsolete and required replacement with up-to-date devices.

Therefore the main goal of enterprise foundation was to set up production of modern high-quality gas-measuring equipment in Russia.

The basic principles of activity have been defined when laying the foundation of company; we have been guided by them so far:

  • Reliability and high quality of products;
  • Technological competence of the team, which determines technical characteristics of products, their cost and competitiveness;
  • Experience gained while producing gas-measuring equipment and building automated systems of data readout and transmission, which makes it possible to find various solutions in gas consumption measurement field;
  • Innovations and technologies of the future, making our company a leader in this area;
  • Long-term partnership with customer.

Our company is one of the members of «Elster Group» — a global community of leading manufacturers of products and solutions applied in measurement of gas, electricity, heating and water consumption.

All the above has determined mainstreams of activity of ELSTER Gaselectronica LLC:

  • Manufacture of high class accuracy equipment meeting requirements of international and Russian standards;
  • Development of software and communication modules, ensuring readout, processing and transmission of data from measuring units;
  • Implementation of automated systems of data readout and transmission in industrial, commercial and residential sectors;
  • Continual technical support of customers.

Within a relatively short period of time a modern and competitive company has developed. The way from assembly of mechanical meters up to production of smart complicated meters has been successfully passed through and today it can be stated with full confidence that reliability, accuracy and operating life of our products meeting highest requirements are appreciated by the market and customers.

Federal law Nr 261 «On energy saving» adopted in 2009 defined new objectives in the area of savings of energy, in particular — of natural gas — today one of the main energy resources, for domestic manufacturers of gas-measuring equipment as well as for energy consumers.

ELSTER Gaselectronica LLC does not stand aloof from those objectives, but is an active participant of the process, continuously extending and improving its product range in response to modern requirements.

Product portfolio with high accuracy and reliable diaphragm (BK), new turbine (TRZ) and rotary (RVG, RABO) meters with extended measurement ranges and improved metrological performances ensures volume gas flow measurement up to 6 500 m³/h. SG-TK and SG-EK measuring units with electronic correctors TC220 and EK270 with digital pressure drop converter in combination with communication modules of BPEK series (BPEK-04/ЕК, BPEK-04/ТС, BPEK-05, BPEK-04Ех), software «SODEC Extra» enable instrumental measurement with minimal losses and can be easily included into automated systems of data readout.

With new regulatory documents which had come into force in 2013 considerable works out aimed at improvement of technical characteristics of existing products as well as at introduction of new products in the market were carried out. Full conformity of SG-EK and SG-TK with new GOSTs currently in force including such an important parameter as accuracy (extended uncertainty) of standard volume calculation ensued from recently carried out certification and newly developed Method of measurement for SG-TK-D measuring units Nr 181-560-01.00270-2013 (registered in Federal register under Nr ФР.1.29.2013.15864).

Significant projects devoted to application of AMR systems in residential sector as well as to fitting our metrological laboratories with test rigs of UPG (A) series have been successfully accomplished.

Comprehensive approach to which ELSTER Gaselectronica have been stuck throughout all the years of its history grants customer friendliness, provided by supply of equipment for fiscal and technological gas measurement units as well as optional communication equipment and software SODEK intended for arrangement of AMR systems in industrial, commercial and residential sectors produced by the same manufacturer.

With a wide net of dealers and service centers, representing the company in all regions of Russia established to satisfy demand for products ELSTER Gaselectronica can grasp any changes in customers’ requirements and heed them. Top quality of products is ensured by high level of production and metrological performance as well as application of latest technologies — all this is valid for our company.

The main goal set at the very foundation of the company has been achieved. Today ELSTER Gaselectronica is a leading manufacturer of gas-measuring equipment and systems of automated data readout; the company is ready to find solutions to new complex tasks.

General Manager Alexandr Roginskii


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История фирмы Elster Kromshröder — ведущего производителя диафрагменных счетчиков газа в мире

История фирмы Elster Kromshröder — ведущего производителя диафрагменных счетчиков газа в мире

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